The Story

Dyhnunity Network, founded by Raphael W. in 2020, is a multifaceted gaming and entertainment community. It encompasses several projects, including the Minecraft server Dyhntastic and the online radio station DyhnunityFM. Dyhntastic, started in 2017, offers diverse game modes like Bedwars and MLGRush, supported by robust infrastructure in Falkenstein and Frankfurt to ensure seamless gameplay. DyhnunityFM enhances the community experience with a variety of music and shows. The network emphasizes strong community bonds through events and activities, backed by 24/7 support to assist users. Dyhnunity Network is dedicated to providing a comprehensive and engaging platform for gamers and music lovers alike.

Dedicated Servers
Root Servers
Staff Members

The Founder

Already in 2017 Raphael W. dealt with the Linux architecture and generally with different server types, then he founded his Minecraft server network in the same year, which is still accessible under the name “Dyhntastic.net”. In 2020 Raphael W. founded DyhnunityFM.de, after that he founded the Dyhnunity.de gaming community which is a combination of Dyhntastic, DyhnunityFM and a community.